Unraid Persistent Home

In the unRAID subreddit I came across someone needing to set up a ssh key for accessing files remotely.

There is, however, a step zero to perform before this can work.

The problem

When unRAID boots, most of the filesystem is copied from the boot USB into RAM. This means that any changes will be lost upon a reboot. Thus, simply doing mkdir /home/norseghost for user settings won’t work.

Persistent home is still possible, though.

The solution

Create a home directory somewhere on the array. My location is /mnt/user/system/home. I’ve set the share system to be cache-prefer.

Install the User Scripts plugin. Create a new script - let’s call it mount_home:


mount -o bind /mnt/user/system/home /home

This bind-mounts the newly created home dir on to system /home. Set it to run on array start. And run it now, while you’re at it.

Create another one - unmount_home:


umount  /home

Set that one to run on array stop. This is to enable array shutdown without “device busy” errors.


Now unRAID has a persistent home. Create a home directory for any user that would log in remotely:

root@unraid# mkdir /home/norseghost
chown norseghost:norseghost /home/norseghost.

And now you can add passwordless ssh login, shell profile customizations, or whatever.